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Why I Believe In God

I don’t pretend to know the answers to every question. As I write these words, I have an anxious feeling inside. Not because I am unsure of what I believe, but because with that belief comes persecution from those who think their opinions are right and yours are, well…, wrong.

There was a time when the majority of people believed that the universe has a creator and that he is deeply interested in each and every one of our lives.

Today we’re told that God doesn’t exist and that we should live our lives as if science has replaced faith. Hey, we know everything right? There’s nothing new under the sun right?

I don’t agree with this idea. I don’t care how many of my fellow millennials will disagree with me. Let’s get a few things straight shall we? You don’t know everything.

The idea that you could know everything there is to know is ludacris. Science is the explanation of what is already in existence. When we don’t understand something, we apply the scientific method but there are things in this world that we cannot apply this principle.

Like the question, “is there a God? A creator of the universe.”

The argument goes something like this. An Atheist walks into a bar and says to the Christian, “show me conclusive evidence there is a God and I’ll believe you”. Then the Christian turns to the Atheist and says, “show me conclusive evidence there is no God and I’ll believe you”. They both sit at the bar perplexed.

You can’t prove God exists or doesn’t exist because you can’t use the scientific method on God. What we are left with is theories and evidence that points to God. Both sides of the argument take faith. Why? Because faith is the belief in the things we cannot see. You can’t prove or disprove the existence of God.

Why do I believe in God?

This universe is entirely too complex to have been created by accident or evolve from a single cell organism. Trust me, you don’t want to do the math on the chances that a random explosion could have created the Earth and everything in it.

I would also challenge you with this. If God doesn’t exist, then I’ve spent my life believing a lie. But if God does exist, then I suffer the consequences of not believing. In the light of eternity where I could spend my eternal future suffering, it makes sense to put my trust in the creator rather than my own understanding.

If everything I believe turns out to be a lie, well then I’ve wasted time, that’s all. There would be no suffering on my part in that case.

Living my life with the principles of my faith means that I’m doing good, helping others and making a difference for the betterment of all. Even if there is no God. I’m still living out a life that helps those around me. I can live with that.

I encourage you to dig deeper into your beliefs. Understand why you believe what you do and if it doesn’t make sense, then seek to understand or look for a better understanding of the world around you.

Personally, my beliefs don’t require that you believe the same way I do, I just hope you’ll listen and then make your own determination.