Please support me by checking out the tools that I have used and recommend. Please know that you use these products at your own risk, and I do receive compensation when you purchase a product or service from this list.


  • Keeper Security – If you’re not using a password manager for your business and personal accounts, you’re doing it wrong. Keeper is a great system that stores unique passwords for every account so if one is compromised, that’s the only account. They also have business and family accounts where you can share passwords with a spouse.


  • Linq App – This a great way to share contacts without business cards. They are less expensive than competitors. Worth a look if you’re tired of running out of business cards. Use the link above and get 15% off your purchase.
  • Gusto – This company does payroll and they do it well. Move your company beyond writing paychecks to direct deposit and automatically creating tax forms at the end of the year. They support W2 and 1099 contractor payees.


  • Chime – Highly recommended as an alternative to other banks where you’re charged fees to keep your money there. Chime offers $100 to anyone who sets up an account and has a minimum $200 direct deposit in the first 45 days.
  • Public – If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in investing and build a portfolio, Public is a great app to learn. New accounts get free stocks to get you started. Remember, you invest at your own risk.


  • Cloudways – For those of us that run websites – or would like to – and don’t want the hassle of running servers with backups and security concerns but you still have lots of options for configuring your server. It’s very easy to set up a website on WordPress, Magento, WordPress + WooCommerce on Cloudways. You also have the ability to pick what platform your website is on and scale up when things get busy and you need more processing power.

Hire Me

As a freelance web developer, I’ve worked with small and medium-sized companies in the creation of websites, web-based applications, social marketing, social content creation, and customer inquiry management.

I am a full-stack developer, meaning, I don’t require additional team members to get to the finish line of a project. I specialize in all the areas needed to create and maintain an online presence. I bring the wealth of my technical and business experience to the team.

My website development career started when I was 15 years old. We won’t go into how long ago that was. Let’s just say it was before the internet bubble burst. Back then our websites were optimized for desktop. Today we’re seeing 60-75% of website visitors use their mobile device as their primary internet browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Edge) which means that your website needs to be mobile-first and desktop-second.

What makes me a good fit for your project is integrity, honesty, and a can-do attitude that is reflected in my work. Change management is difficult for most organizations as there are many moving parts, especially in a start-up company. My clients are surprised at how quickly I can shift gears and go the extra mile to fulfill their vision online. 


  • LAMP
  • React Native
  • jQuery
  • Laravel
  • Integrating multiple systems through API’s
  • Server management and backups

Happy Clients

Chris spearheaded and successfully implemented several beneficial programs and technologies for our company. Chris possesses a very wide variety of skills including software, hardware and networking. Chris is a conscientious worker, detailed organizer and planner, highly adaptable, friendly, and responsive. Given my personal experience with him, I would recommend him based on these areas.

James X.

Chris is highly skilled and did an excellent job creating the exact web function that we needed. Great communication, very responsive, very easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Jonathan G.

Amazing skill. Amazing abilities. First class individual with the caring to do the job right, while making sure the client gets what they need, and within budgets. I would recommend him, his work, and his knowledge to anyone looking for help in the Web space. We have used him on many projects…. and well, A plus is not enough.

John D.

Chris was extremely helpful and great to work with. With my minimal experience on websites and blogs, he took the time to explain terms that were foreign to me in a way that I could easily understand. Anytime I had a request to have my website updated or tweaked, he got it done in a timely manner. He is great at what he does!

Vashti M.

I’ve worked with Chris McKinney for over a year. I manage the projects he is assigned to complete. Chris is reliable and responsive. He accomplishes the tasks that we give him within budget and in a timely manner. His coding has led to interface improvements within our system and his contributions are appreciated.

Paul S.

Chris is a very personable and competent front-end developer. Highly recommend!

Sandro T.

Chris is a great asset to any organization! Great work.

Jeff O.

Chris was knowledgeable and very helpful. He was happy to make a few rounds of the final edit. Very easy to work with.

Richard Z.

Chris has done an awesome job with our website. The updates and changes look great! He’s always right on top of any requests we have and gets them done promptly.

Sheila Z.

Chris is great! He’s responsive, productive, knowledgeable, and personable. He even goes one step further to suggest improvements and optimizations to processes.

Kate K.

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