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Scheduling Volunteers in Planning Center Services

Service Types

For several years, I had all my classes using their own Service Type and that worked but was more difficult to manage as I had to go into each service type and schedule people. Then one day it dawned on me. I could put all my teams on the same service type and I could make that work with Limited File Visibility turned on. That way each team only saw the files they needed to see for that weekend. I also found that I could make custom notes so each Plan would have the right information for that weekend.

My Teams look like this for my service type:

For my service order, I have general instructions for anyone wanting to know how the day will go. Each classes lesson plan is different and will be accessed in the files attached to this service.

Here’s how to use one service type for multiple teams:

1. Setup Custom Notes for Lessons

Under your Service Type > Settings you’ll find this area to add custom notes. This is where I put the lesson title for the week.

When I’m scheduling the team, I can use the Plan Notes area to add the lesson title for that week.

2. Limit files to the right teams

One of the challenges is having many files and only a few are necessary for each team.

In order to show each team their own files you’ll need to use Tags.

This setting is not turned on by default.

Go to your teams settings in under Teams > Settings and turn on Limited File Visibility

Now you’ll need to add Tags for each team.

This is found under: Songs > Edit Tags > Files. Setup a category for your ministry and outline the team that you want to setup.

Then you need to attach that tag to the team position. This is under the Team Settings area under Members. I’ve selected the position title on the left and selecting the tag to associate.

Now it’s time to upload or link our files. Because I don’t want our files taking space in our account, I use links to Google Drive, you can choose to upload your files, the process is the same. Give them a name and then tag them to the team they belong.

We really enjoy using PCO Services to schedule an provide a digital way to preview your lesson as you get ready for the weekend. If you have any questions I can answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.