Faith Life

How to Write Your Testimony

Writing your testimony can be difficult because talking about yourself is something we don’t often do and it’s especially hard when trying to record your testimony.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the one thing that cannot be refuted is your own experience. You can debate over many other things, but really, no one knows your experience better than you.

Your testimony is probably the most power witnessing tool in your arsenal. God can use it to bring people to a relationship with Him.

In my time in ministry, I’ve heard many testimonies. I’ve seen the beauty of what God can do in a life through salvation.

I’ve also seen many people struggle to communicate their story in a way that’s easy to understand.

My desire is to give you a tool to capture the true essence of your story and communicate it in an understandable way.

Here is a format for your testimony:

1. What was your life like before you met Jesus?

Set the stage for your story. Talk about past sin, hurts, hangups or anything relevant to your life before Christ. You can share a little or a lot here.

Tip: Some detailed information is okay to use. Instead of using dates, use ages. You may want to change names if recroding your testimony for others to see.

2. What major event uncovered your need for Jesus?

This is where you talk about your conversion experience. That moment when you knew that you needed Jesus and the salvation that only He brings. What was happening at that time? How did it feel to accept the free gift of salvation?

3. How did your life change?

Maybe there was a significant change, or maybe there was an uphill battle, either way, your life did change because of knowing Jesus. This is where you talk about that aspect of your story.

4. How has knowing Jesus shaped your life today?

It might be last week, it might have been 30 years ago. Talk about what has changed since then and how Jesus has shaped your life. You may also want to talk about being a part of a faith community (like a church) and how that has helped you grow in your faith.

Your testimony is a powerful tool to show the world that knowing Jesus and believing in his death and resurection can transform your life.

Now what?

Go ahead and tell your story. You can publish it or record it and post online. The main point is to use your testimony to be a shining light in a work consumed with darkness. Show others what faith in Jesus can do.