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Are You A Lazy Leader?

I’ve learned something interesting this week. Do you know that moment when a light bulb goes off in your brain?

You might be working for someone making decisions that only benefit them, and it drives you nuts.

I know that seems obvious to some, but it just occurred to me that fear can control a leader in ways that are not apparent at first. We all worry, but what about the leader that worries too much?

The following is a list of things I’ve observed in leaders.

1. You fear that everyone will walk away and you’ll be stuck holding the bag of responsibilities. So you use guilt to keep people around.

2. You fear that those around you will never understand your vision the way you do. You finish projects on your own so they are perfect before they are completed.

3. You fear that your position is in jeopardy if those people under you don’t accomplish the goal. So you become controlling and order people around.

4. You compare yourself to others, and when you think they’re better at something than you, you are intimidated by them. You look for any reason to get rid of the threat.

The question is, are you leading out of fear or faith? Are you working hard or are you sitting back and worrying.

It’s important to understand your fears as a leader. Because the only person worrying about those things is you. You have a choice. You can choose to take the easy way out and make decisions based on fear, or you can tackle your fears head-on and move toward faith-based decisions.

I challenge you to write down the things that you worry about and address them head-on. Talk to someone in a similar role as you and get some perspective. You can overcome worry and you can accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.